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The main products are vacuum flange parts and vacuum valves, including ICF series for ultra-high vacuum, and KF series flanges, bellows, center brackets, clamps, non-standard vacuum chambers, etc.

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The company masters advanced processing technology and has rich management experience

Hangzhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province and was established in 2003. After considerable development, we now have a company "Hangzhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd." and a factory "Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.".

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Live a quality life and make high-quality products

Company strength


The company has been established for 17 years


More than 50 professional equipment




The company has design, development and production personnel

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The company involves applications in multiple industries

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Jiaxing Factory

Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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No.551, Gaoxin West Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province,China

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