Effective measures to improve sealing performance of screw vacuum pump

Release time:2020/7/10 15:22:18

1. Increase the interference properly

The interference of screw pump mainly refers to the size of interference fit between metal rotor and stator rubber bushing. In the specific work, there must be a certain interference between the stator and the rotor to ensure the sealing between the closed chambers. Because of this, the interference value between stator and rotor will greatly affect the performance of equipment. Generally, on the premise that the number of stages does not change, the magnitude of interference directly determines the pressure bearing capacity of the chamber and affects the lifting capacity. The results show that there is a negative correlation between the Z * high contact pressure and the chamber pressure. The higher the indoor pressure is, the smaller the Z * high contact pressure will be. The pressure in the same chamber will increase with the increase of interference.

To sum up, when other parameters remain unchanged, the screw pump with larger interference can improve its overall sealing performance and lifting pressure, so as to expand its application range. At the same time, in the production process, can also actively introduce electric screw pump, in the production of difficult mechanical production and other work, can avoid the flow of fluid into the screw pump, reduce its operating efficiency.

2. Choose materials with higher hardness

Hardness is the main factor affecting the deformation ability of materials. The larger the elastic value is, the easier the deformation of corresponding materials is. Generally speaking, there is no independent relationship between elastic modulus and hardness in theory, but it can be seen from the experimental data that the elastic modulus will increase with the increase of hardness, which should be considered to affect the sealing performance of screw pump. If the contact pressure of rubber bushing is inversely proportional to the internal pressure, the greater the former is, the smaller the latter is, but the change trend of the two is consistent. In addition, the higher the hardness of rubber bushing is, the higher the position of Z * contact pressure curve will be gradually upward, and the corresponding sealing performance will also be improved. Therefore, the stator of screw pump should be made of rubber with higher hardness to improve its sealing performance.

3.Optimization of structural parameters of screw vacuum pump

The sealing performance of screw pump rubber bushing is mainly affected by the structure, resulting in volume compression deformation and assembly shape deformation. In short, it is the result of the combined effect of pressure and pressure difference in the structure. In general, rubber is regarded as an incompressible material in the mechanical analysis of rubber components, so as to reduce the uncertain factors. However, even a small amount of rubber compression will have a certain impact on the overall structure. Therefore, the overall structural parameters of the equipment are bound to affect the overall performance of the equipment. The sealing performance of screw pump can be improved by optimizing the screw pump system. Under the background of the information age, we can research and develop a set of software suitable for adjusting the screw pump coefficient, infiltrate it into the whole production process, and at the same time, we can also develop a system to realize the supervision of the actual operation of the screw pump through the real-time supervision and control of the power parameters, axial force and other factors, so as to realize the optimization of the screw pump parameters, so as to improve the quality of the screw pump Its equipment sealing.

As a new type of equipment, screw vacuum pump occupies an important position in the development of many fields, and its sealing directly determines its ability. By analyzing and researching the causes of the low sealing performance of screw vacuum pump, various influencing factors are identified, and relevant measures are taken to improve the sealing performance of the equipment to meet the production requirements, so as to provide support for the sustainable development of relevant fields.