The company has CNC and other numerical control processing equipment, large-scale processing equipment including horizontal machining center, five-axis machining center, large lathe and advanced measuring equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instrument, helium mass spectrometer leak detection, etc. It has the ability of precise TIG welding...

The maximum processing range of the lathe: the maximum turning diameter is 1600MM;

Maximum processing range of gantry pentahedron: 4200MMx3200MMx1400MM;

Whether it is vacuum coating or surface analysis, it needs to be completed in the vacuum chamber (box). The quality of the vacuum chamber (box) is also one of the key factors for the performance of vacuum equipment.

Hangzhou Daotian (Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.) has experience in processing and manufacturing various customized vacuum chambers (boxes), which can be designed and manufactured according to the different needs of customers. The number and size of the interface pipe fittings, the form of the flange, the sealing material of Oring, and the choice of surface processing can all be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

The commonly used materials for the vacuum chamber (box) are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, etc. We mainly use stainless steel, and the shapes are rectangular, cylindrical, spherical, and polygonal. The surface treatment includes sandblasting, polishing, Electrolytic polishing, etc. In addition, heat treatment stress relief or vibration stress relief can also be performed according to customer needs.

The advantages of choosing Hangzhou Daotian (Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Co., Ltd.):

1. Rich experience in manufacturing vacuum parts, producing various specifications of vacuum parts, such as vacuum flanges, vacuum fittings, vacuum bellows, etc. The inventory is complete for use in the manufacture of vacuum chambers (boxes)

2. With professional vacuum chamber design and manufacturing technology, the vacuum chamber can be customized according to customer requirements, and analyze your needs to find a suitable application design

3. With high-quality manufacturing quality assurance, processing and manufacturing capabilities and a complete site, sheet metal cutting, machining, welding, cleaning, assembly and leak testing can be completed in the factory,

4. Using advanced 3D design software, communication with customers and on-site processing is convenient and quick

The vacuum chamber box manufactured by Hangzhou Daotian (Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.) has been sold to customers in Europe, America, Japan and all over the world, and has established a good reputation among customers. We will continue to improve related technologies and provide All kinds of vacuum products are used by customers.