Warmly celebrate the successful launch of our new website!

Release time:2020/7/10 15:50:49

Warmly celebrate the successful launch of our new website!

In order to meet the needs of the company's development, establish the company's image, strengthen the network publicity, and improve the user experience, under the support and guidance of the company's leaders, with the close cooperation and production of all relevant departments, the website of our company has been upgraded successfully!

The new version of the company's website is not only a simple optimization and rearrangement of the page, but also an all-round upgrade from the aspects of communication concept, content construction and user experience. In order to facilitate product publicity and improve the company's influence, the website's column setting, function design, service content and expression form have been greatly adjusted. According to the demand, the column plate is added again, and the company's information resources are further integrated to provide more efficient and convenient services for customers!

The new website can adapt to PC, tablet and mobile phone terminal display to browse and share information anytime and anywhere!

Hope that new and old customers, partners, industry experts continue to pay attention to and provide more valuable opinions!

Finally, I wish our company vigorous development, tomorrow more brilliant!