Technical strength

With domestic and foreign high-precision CNC machining equipment, large-scale machining equipment, horizontal machining center, five-axis machining center, large lathe, gantry pentahedron machining center. There are coordinate measuring instruments, projectors,helium mass spectrometer leak detectors and other measuring instruments. The company is good at meticulous processing of stainless steel and aluminum, and has rich experience in the processing and manufacturing of cavities and pipes in the semiconductor, liquid crystal, photovoltaic industry.

Large gantry machining center 4200*3200*1400 1 set

CNC machine tool 1600*800 1 set

CNC machine tool 1200*1500 1 set

30 various CNC machine tools

6 various machining centers

9 sets of various TIG welding machines

3 sets of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors

Two coordinate measuring machines

1 set of material analyzer