Maintenance of imported vacuum pump equipment in summer high temperature season

Release time:2020/7/10 14:00:30

To do well in the maintenance of imported vacuum pump equipment in summer high temperature season, reduce the equipment maintenance cost and other abnormal expenses, reduce the use cost and prolong the service life, which is helpful to improve the enterprise benefit. Yazhilaide mechanical and electrical technology on the import of vacuum pump equipment in summer prone to failure, targeted maintenance suggestions.

   1. Faults of mechanical equipment in summer
      1) Failure of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system in high temperature environment will often appear tube burst, joint oil leakage, solenoid valve coil burned, hydraulic valve stuck, noise and other faults; accumulator system using accumulator, due to high temperature of hydraulic oil may lead to accumulator damage; in summer, aging circuit will be more likely to cause skin cracking due to metal thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in short circuit fault; electrical components in the control cabinet are in high temperature It is also easy to break down in warm season. Industrial computer and other key control components may also have failures such as crash, slow running speed and control failure.

     2) Lubrication system failure

If construction machinery works at high temperature for a long time, it will lead to poor performance of lubrication system, deterioration of oil, wear of chassis and other transmission systems, and affect the appearance of paint layer, brake system, clutch, throttle control system and metal structure.

    3) Engine failure
The influence of high temperature on the engine is mainly manifested in the fact that the engine temperature rises rapidly and the external temperature is relatively high, which is easy to cause the engine to "boil" and reduce the viscosity of the engine oil, resulting in cylinder pulling, Bush burning and other mechanical failures, and also reduces the output power of the engine. The continuous high temperature has strict requirements on the permeability of the radiator, which requires the cooling system to run continuously under high load, It reduces the service life of cooling system fan, water pump and other parts, especially frequent use of air conditioning compressor and fan, and also easy to lead to its failure.

    4) Other faults

In summer, the air temperature is high and the humidity is high. If the air vent of the battery is blocked, it will cause explosion due to the increase of internal pressure. When the tire works in high temperature environment in summer, not only the tire wear will be aggravated, but also the tire burst will be caused by the increase of internal pressure; the transmission belt will become longer in summer, which will lead to transmission slip and accelerated wear, and failure to adjust in time will lead to belt fracture and other faults. Small cracks in the cab glass will expand or even burst due to large temperature difference between inside and outside or splashing water in summer.

2. Maintenance measures of mechanical equipment in summer

    1) On site emergency treatment of high temperature fault

        (1) "Boiling" is one of the common faults of construction machinery due to high temperature. When the water temperature is too high, it is not allowed to open the water radiator cap to dissipate heat, which is very easy to cause the hot water to spray out and hurt people, so it is necessary to make water after natural cooling. According to the operation experience and the operation specifications of construction machinery, the operator should stop the operation immediately when the engine "boils", do not turn off the engine, and let the engine idle At the same time, open all the blinds to increase the air flow, make the water temperature drop slowly under the action of the cooling fan, and release a large number of bubbles generated by the cooling system.

When the engine idles for a few minutes, the water temperature drops and no longer boils, wrap the water radiator cap with towel or veil, carefully screw off part of the water radiator cap to release water vapor. After making sure that the water vapor in the water radiator is released, all the water radiator caps are turned off. In the process of rotating the water radiator cap, remember not to expose your arms and keep your face away from the water inlet Above, to prevent hot water spray burns the face.

If the engine has stalled, it is necessary to start the engine quickly and make it run at idle speed; if the engine can not be started again after flameout, the throttle should be closed and the crankshaft should be rotated by hand; if there is no handlebar, the starter can be used intermittently to make the piston move up and down for several times, and the heat in the cylinder can be dissipated through the air exchange movement of suction and exhaust.

        (2) When adding coolant, it is better to fill the same type of coolant as in the water radiator. Do not fill tap water at will, unless it is for emergency treatment. When adding cooling water to the water radiator, it is necessary to wait until the water temperature drops to about 70 ℃; the "gradual water injection method" should be adopted to gradually reduce the temperature, instead of adding water too fast or too quickly at one time, that is, when adding water, let the engine idle while filling slowly, so as to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

        (3) When the brake or other parts are overheated, do not use water to cool down, which will reduce its service life and performance, resulting in deformation and even cracking of the machine parts. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the machine for natural cooling.

  2) Daily maintenance points of mechanical equipment in summer

      (1) Do a good job in the preliminary maintenance of construction machinery.

In summer, it is better to do a comprehensive maintenance for construction machinery, replace the three filters and oil of the engine, replace or adjust the belt, check whether the performance of fans, water pumps, generators and compressors is reliable, and carry out maintenance, repair or replacement when necessary.

For the machinery working in high temperature area, the viscosity grade of engine oil shall be properly improved, and the cooling system and fuel system shall be checked for smoothness; the aging wires, plugs and rubber pipes shall be replaced, and the fuel pipeline shall be checked and tightened to prevent fuel leakage; the oil and dust on the engine body shall be cleaned to ensure that the engine is "light loaded" and has good heat dissipation.

     (2) Do a good job of lubrication

Equipment lubrication is one of the important means to prevent equipment parts from wear and failure.

Lubrication plays an important role in mechanical transmission and equipment maintenance. Lubrication can affect equipment performance, accuracy and life. First of all, the implementation of "five fixed and three-stage filtration" should be carried out according to the specified lubrication time, lubrication implementer, lubricating oil, parts and quantity, and the warehousing filtration, distribution filtration and refueling filtration should be checked. In order to reduce friction and wear, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In the high-temperature season in summer, the lubrication time should be adjusted first, which is 0.5-1 times shorter than that in spring and autumn, and the oil quality should be observed. The temperature of lipid oil is easy to change. If the temperature rises, add oil properly (grease gun at most three times). If the temperature is slightly higher and then slowly falls down, it proves that lubrication is effective. The bearing is only caused by insufficient oil Failure to lubricate, resulting in temperature rise.

If the temperature does not change or only rises but does not drop after refueling, it proves that the bearing has been worn or seriously short of oil, and even the oil inside has become dry. Therefore, for grease lubrication, adjust the lubrication time, make a lubrication plan, discharge time, and implement it when it is due.

Liquid oil mainly pays attention to oil emulsification. In the high temperature season in summer, the lubricating oil is more than 20 degrees higher than that in spring and autumn and winter for a long time. The oil is not closed in the environment, and the temperature is constantly raised and cooled. Because the oil is also hydrocarbon, water will be generated, which will emulsify the oil. Oil emulsification will greatly reduce the viscosity and make the original film efficiency of the lubricated parts It can be imagined that the force of friction will increase exponentially. Therefore, liquid oil should also do a good job in lubrication plan, pay attention to inspection, prevention in advance, and achieve predictive maintenance.

The maintenance of imported vacuum pump equipment in summer should follow the principle of timely, reasonable and comprehensive, so as to facilitate the operation of the equipment and adapt to the external temperature and working conditions. It is necessary to track and manage the imported vacuum pump equipment, master the performance dynamic of the equipment, and formulate the maintenance plan combining pertinence and generality.