Industry application

Photovoltaic industry applications

Solar photovoltaic effect, abbreviated as photovoltaic (PV), also known as photovoltaic effect (Photovoltaic), refers to the phenomenon of uneven semiconductors or the potential difference between the parts of the combination of semiconductors and metals when illuminated.

Photovoltaics is defined as the direct conversion of ray energy. In practical applications, it usually refers to the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy, that is, solar photovoltaic. Its realization is mainly through the use of solar panels made of silicon and other semiconductor materials, and the use of light to generate direct current, such as solar cells that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives.

Solar power generation is an emerging renewable energy technology. The industrialized applications are mainly solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation. The photovoltaic power generation industry chain from upstream to downstream includes polysilicon, silicon wafers, and batteries. Wafers and battery components, and monocrystalline furnaces are important equipment in the solar photovoltaic power generation industry. With the rapid growth of my country's photovoltaic industry, the scale of the industry has grown steadily, and solar cells are developing towards ultra-efficient cell technologies such as N-type double-sided, heterojunction, and half-cell. Single crystal silicon with low oxygen and carbon content and high conversion efficiency becomes necessary. This is inseparable from the strong support of the single crystal silicon manufacturing key equipment-single crystal furnace.

Hangzhou Daotian has been committed to providing vacuum pipes, chambers, valves and vacuum systems for the manufacture of single crystal furnace equipment for many years. Contribute to the vigorous development of the domestic solar photovoltaic industry.

Semiconductor applications

The semiconductor industry can be roughly divided into seven technical fields: semiconductor materials, photomasks, design, manufacturing processes, packaging, testing, and equipment, all of which require vacuum technology as a basis.

Analytical instruments such as electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, and high-energy accelerators all require a good vacuum environment. Semiconductor technology has entered the age of six-inch, eight-inch, and twelve-inch wafers. To produce ultra-fine metal wires that are almost invisible to the naked eye, strict control and a dust-free environment for semiconductor vacuum systems are required.

With the development of the information technology industry, the application of semiconductor products has become more and more extensive. Consumer, automotive and communication electronic products have continued to develop, and vacuum technology has also continued to innovate, expanding to include PVD, CVD coating process, electrostatic Equipment such as adsorption disk and etching process has occupied a pivotal position in the advanced semiconductor industry.

Dowtian Vacuum possesses high-tech industry vacuum coating technology, and develops process equipment widely used in semiconductor IC packaging industry. Daoda Vacuum provides customer design services and accelerates customer development schedules, creating better product profitability and higher market share.

OLED application

The most important part of the production process is to apply the organic layer to the base layer. One of its methods is: vacuum deposition or vacuum thermal evaporation. The key to the OLED process is: evaporation technology. Due to the need for process mixing and in order to avoid cross contamination, different functional layers need to be vapor-deposited in different evaporator cavities, and at the same time, the substrate is transferred between different cavities by a robot after the evaporation is completed.

Dowtian Vacuum has been engaged in the vacuum industry for 17 years and has been committed to the customization and development of vacuum pipes and vacuum chambers, and has extensive experience. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment, and provide customization and design of vacuum chambers to meet your unique shapes or requirements. Conduct in-depth communication with customers, understand their unique needs, and strictly control and inspect each production process. Our goal is to provide a vacuum chamber that exceeds customer expectations.

Cyclotron applications

With the rapid development of science and technology, accelerators have become more and more widely used in medical diagnosis and treatment. Low-energy cyclotrons, as the main equipment for generating isotopes required for positron emission tomography (PET), are currently basically dependent on foreign imports, so research is accelerated The cyclotron with my country's independent intellectual property rights is of great significance. The vacuum system is an important part of the cyclotron, and its quality directly affects the quality of the beam, so a vacuum system that meets the requirements is developed to make it safe and stable The operation of it is very necessary.

Hangzhou Daotian Company has been adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, pioneering and innovative for many years to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers. Now it has become a company integrating vacuum standard parts and non-standard design and processing. At the same time, it also provides main vacuum spare parts for various scientific research projects and laboratories.

Aerospace applications

The main link closely related to vacuum science and aerospace technology comes from the simulation of the space environment, because various space vehicles such as launch vehicles, artificial satellites, manned spacecraft, space stations, space probes, and space shuttles, are all in the process of space flight. It is carried out in the natural vacuum of the universe. For this reason, it is very necessary to establish a space simulation experiment device that simulates the space environment on the ground.

Hangzhou Daotian has rich experience in R&D and production of vacuum chambers, vacuum pipes, and vacuum valves. In line with the principle of "developing with technology and aiming at customer satisfaction," Hangzhou Daotian continues to innovate and contribute to the vacuum industry.