In a vacuum system, the vacuum is for the atmosphere. A certain space or part of the gas in the system is exhausted, and the pressure of the internal space is less than the atmospheric pressure, then the space is called a vacuum or vacuum state, in short , The pressure in the space is lower than one atmospheric pressure, which is a vacuum.

According to the above definition, vacuum technology can be simple or difficult. For example, vacuum cleaners use the vacuum principle, but the high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum required in high-tech manufacturing processes must have sufficient vacuum technology and Equipment can be achieved.

The degree of vacuum represents the degree of remaining gas in a vacuum system, usually measured by the pressure of the remaining gas, and the degree of vacuum is generally distinguished as follows:

Rough vacuum: 1000-1mbar, medium vacuum: 1-10-3mbar, high vacuum: 10-3-10-7mbar, ultra-high vacuum: 10-7-10-10mbar, ultra-high vacuum: Below 10-10mbar.

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The vacuum system is composed of a vacuum pump as a vacuum source, corresponding vacuum valves, vacuum instruments, intelligent electric control boxes, vacuum tanks, filters, etc.

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