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Company Profile

Hangzhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province and was established in 2003. After considerable development, we now have a company "Hangzhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd." and a factory "Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.". The company has Japanese MAZAK, CNC and other numerical control processing equipment, as well as advanced measuring equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instrument, helium mass spectrometry leak detection, etc., and has excellent TIG welding capabilities...

The company's main products are vacuum flange parts and vacuum valves, including ICF series for ultra-high vacuum, and KF series flanges, bellows, center brackets, clamps, non-standard vacuum chambers, etc., which are widely used High-tech industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic industry, aerospace and cyclotron. The company's products have been recognized by well-known companies in Japan, Europe and the United States, and provide customers with high-quality products for a long time. The chairman of the company, Mr. Li Daotian, had long-term experience in vacuum equipment manufacturing in a well-known multinational Japanese-funded enterprise. He is one of the drafters of the national standards GB4982-2003 and GB6071-2003.

The company has always implemented the spirit of ISO9001 in management, ensured that products meet quality requirements, and carried out continuous quality improvement and personnel training. The company’s main technical backbones have long-term working experience in well-known Japanese companies, master advanced processing technologies and possess Rich management experience.

The main product categories of the company:
1. Vacuum chamber & furnace body;
2. Vacuum pipeline & vacuum valve;
3. Vacuum standard parts; including ultra-high vacuum ICF series, ISO series,KF series flanges, center brackets, clamps, bellows, etc.;
4. Peripheral accessories of vacuum chamber; sheet metal & customer products;

There are more than 70 design, development and processing personnel
6 technical R&D personnel
13 quality inspectors
40 production and welding personnel


The company has been established for 17 years




More than 50 professional equipment


The company has design, development and production personnel

Live a quality life and make high-quality products

Company culture

Quality goal

Live a quality life and make high-quality products

Corporate vision

Committed to becoming a Chinese model company, a world-renowned vacuum technology company

Service philosophy

Based on the principle of "survive by quality and develop by quality", the company wholeheartedly provides customers with excellent products and excellent services

Our Mission

Contribute to the development of China's semiconductor, photovoltaic, OLED vacuum coating and other industries

Prevention and Control Guidelines

Priority is given to prevention and control, quality is second, and production is third. Risk accidents can be prevented, controlled and eliminated


Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, efficiency

Development path

Products are sold to Japan, and establish long-term and strong cooperative relations with customers.



"Taizhou Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd." was established in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.

The products are exported to Germany and opened to the European market.



Moved to Xihu District, Hangzhou, and changed its name to "Hangzhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd."

The company increased production capacity, expanded scale, established Jiaxing factory, and established "Jiaxing Wodun Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.".



Establish long-term cooperation with Korean customers.

In-depth cooperation with large domestic photovoltaic industry group companies and research institutes.



The products are sold to the Czech Republic and have established good cooperation with customers.


Team style